Diversion Overview

The New Mexico Board of Nursing Diversion Program is for nurses that may be impaired due to chemical dependency/substance use disorder. The Diversion Program is an alternative to discipline voluntary, confidential program. In 1987 the Legislature enacted Section 61-3-29 of the nursing practice to promote early identification and rehabilitation for nurses whose competencies may be impaired because of the use and or abuse of drugs or alcohol.

Purpose/intent of the Diversion Program

The Board of Nursing’s intent is that nurses can be treated and returned to or continue in the practice of nursing in a manner that will benefit the public and have in place a voluntary, confidential alternative to traditional disciplinary actions, which may include suspension or revocation of a nurse’s license. Traditional or formal disciplinary actions are a matter of public record. It is the Board’s wish that chemically dependent nurses recognize their illness and seek treatment and admission into the Diversion Program for monitoring so that formal action by the Board is not required.

How Are Nurses Referred to the Diversion Program

Nurses with a chemical dependency/substance use disorder may be admitted to the Diversion Program through self-reporting and requesting admission or following the receipt of a complaint alleging the use and/or abuse of alcohol or drugs. The Board may also encourage a licensee to be admitted to the program following a formal disciplinary process.

Components of the Diversion Program

Nurses who self-report their chemical dependency will be referred directly to the Diversion Program. All Diversion Program records are confidential.

  • Nurses are asked to sign a “no-use” contract
  • Substance Use Disorder Treatments
  • Peer Support Meetings
  • Random Drug Screening
  • Work Restrictions
  • Monthly Reports
  • Quarterly Meetings
  • Single State NM License


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While we continue to work on our website, for any questions or information you may reach out to:

Becky Gonzales MSN RN HWNC-BC     Diversion Program Manager  

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Web: nmbon.diversion@bon.nm.gov