APRN Prescriptive Authority

APRNs in NM can obtain dangerous drugs prescriptive authority from the NM Board of Nursing and controlled substance prescriptive authority from the NM Board of Pharmacy if they meet the requirements laid out in Statute/Rule:

            CNP  61-3-23.2.C.- D. NMSA 1978; NMAC

            CRNA  61-3-23.3.D.- E. NMSA 1978; NMAC

            CNS  61-3-23.4.C.- D. NMSA 1978; NMAC       

  • Completed a minimum of 400 hour of work experience in which prescribing dangerous drugs has occurred within the two years immediately preceding the date of application. This is verified via the Verification of APRN Education form completed by the APRN program;or
  • Successful competition of a prescriptive authority preceptorship consisting of 400 hours of precepted prescribing of dangerous drugs which must be completed within six months:
    • Submit an Affidavit Requesting Prescriptive Authority
    • Preceptor must provide to the Board of Nursing, on letterhead, a letter including the name and license number of the prescription preceptor(s) 
    • The Board of Nursing will issue a letter of authorization for the preceptorship.

To obtain controlled substance prescriptive authority in New Mexico for APRNs who received non-controlled substance prescriptive authority from the Board must:

  • Apply for a Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) registration.


  • Provide the New Mexico Board of Nursing a copy of your CS and DEA registrations once obtained.

 Specific Information based on APRN Type

Specific rules around graduate permits can be found in the Rules:





The New Mexico Nursing Practice Act and accompanying rules can be found at /laws-rules.aspx.